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The Spencer Dale Story

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The true story of Spencer Dale, a young 26 year old Australian from Brisbane, who in 1971 found himself entrenched in the bitter civil war between Cambodian Government forces and Communist Khmer Rouge forces led by the infamous Pol Pot.

Following news reports on the escalating conflict taking place in Cambodia, Dale, driven by a sense of intrigue and a search for adventure, flew to Phnom Penh to see firsthand what was happening.

Inspired by journalist Sean Flynn (son of actor Errol Flynn) and photographer Dana Stone who were in Cambodia at the time, Dale purchased camera equipment with the desire to capture and document wartime action.

Not long after his arrival in Phnom Penh, whilst filming the local people and military fortifications around the city, he noticed a colourful ceremonial gathering of saffron-robed monks, soldiers and dignitaries entering a large elaborately decorated villa. After requesting permission to film this ceremony he was informed that it was the funeral of an important influential and well respected local figure.

Unbeknown to Dale at the time, the son of the person who's funeral he had attended, would save his life a few days later. The events that eventually transpired would change Dales life forever.

This story starts off as a journey of adventure and soon becomes a life and death struggle and personal commitment by Dale to help stop the destruction of a nation and its people.

Dale of Cambodia - Documentary

Spencer Dale's story is the subject of a feature-length documentary that is now in preproduction, bringing this remarkable story to the world. The documentary is supported by hundreds of still photos and several hours of Super 8mm movie film shot by Dale himself over the 5 year war period. This material has never been seen by the public.

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